Automatic Car Washes

High Velocity Wash:

This wash is truly the best of both worlds. Cutting edge technology and proven performance, all at a price you simply cannot beat. With dozens of standard features, premium components, factory testing and 24/7 technical support, Washworld leads the way.

Virtual Attendant senses arch movement. Upon deflection the arch stops, reverses direction to clear the obstruction allowing the arch to return to its normal vertical position, then safely moves farther away from the vehicle and continues to wash. Should the obstruction be impassable, the system will automatically instruct the customer to exit wash. After the vehicle exits, the Virtual Attendant will automatically reposition the arch in its home position, ready to wash the next vehicle without manual intervention from operator.

Washworld manufactures their Commercial Series Water Softening System for the car wash professional. The twin alternating provides soft water 24/7 based on water usage not time in service. Designed to outperform and out-last any system available. Best of all, we do it using less salt. Washworld, world leaders in water softening systems. Washworld’s Premium Series Spot Free Reverse Osmosis System is manufactured for maximum efficiency. Washworld systems begin where most end. All stainless steel frame assemblies , carbon pre-filters with 5 micron cartridge style filters and thin film high efficiency membranes in stainless steel housings…standard! Low level protection, fresh water by-pass and of course world class 24/7 washworld

We are proud to offer AOK equipment we have had great success with our self-serve line. Our customers love the simplicity of the equipment. It’s what self-serve equipment should be.

WashWorld Texas performs many services that include Razor Wash, Profile Wash, High Velocity Touch Free Wash, Self Serve Car Wash, In-Bay Automatic, Pay Stations, Unitec Reclaim Systems, Purclean, Various Car Wash Equipment Repair, and Laser 4000 Systems.  There is no job to big or small here at WashWorld Texas.  We service areas all over Texas and stock a wide variety of replacement car wash parts.  We can also service car washes.


High Velocity Touch Free Vehicle Wash


 Razor Touch Free Vehicle Wash



 Razor Revv Touch Free Vehicle Wash


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