High Velocity Car Wash Parts and Service


The Washworld High Velocity® Touch Free In-Bay Automatic Wash is truly the best of all worlds. Cutting-edge technology and proven performance are at a price you simply cannot beat. With dozens of standard features, premium components, factory testing and 24/7 technical support, Washworld leads the way!


 Virtual Attendant® – Like Having an Attendant at your Wash 24/7

  • Washview® Controller w/Exclusive Washview Remote”‘ Software Includes Alert Paging
  • All Stainless Steel Wall Mounts, Rails, Carriage & Trolley Assemblies
  • Direct Drive Utilizing Variable Frequency Technology
  • Pumping Station w/ Either CAT or General Pump
  • ETL/ETLc approved and CE compliant
  • Eco-Friendly Resource Conservation System
  • Adjustable Pressure Under Body and Rocker Blasters
  • Direct Feed Solutions System with Three Step Presoak
  • Triple Pass Technology for Optimal Front and Rear Cleaning
  • Washes Smart Cars Up to Quad-Cab Dualies – No Special Programming Required
  • Comprehensive Integrated Security System-Can Monitor Auto Cashiers , Doors, Fluid Levels,
  • Wash Activation Buy-Up Compatible


  • Flex-Pass System – Increases Thru-put
  • VS2® (Vehicle Sizing System) – Treadle Free Design
  • Premium or Ultimate Door Control Systems
  • Free Standing Frame
  • Cold Climate Package
  • Tri-Color Foam System
  • Tri-Color Foam with Cold Climate
  • Programmable Intake Source – Reclaim/ RO Reject/Hot Water
  • Unique or Custom Graphics
  • Washview Remote”‘ High Speed and Washview Mobile”‘

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Equipment Envelope Requirements (Does not include dryer, obstructions , etc.)

Wall Mount

Height     10′ 4″ minimum (custom) , 11′ 4″ standard

Width      13′ 4″ minimum to 18′ O” maximum Length 24′ 1O” minimum with optional 24′ Rails

Floor Mount

11′ 4″ standard

14′ O” minimum (no maximum)

26′ 1O” minimum with standard 26′ rails

Note: The On-Board Dryer requires a length of 29′ 6″ minimum with optional 28′ 8″ rails


Utility Requirements does not include dryer, RO, etc.

Note: Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice. The decibel level of the dryer (measured at 1. 6 meters from the floor and 1 meter from the surface) is 94d8. The decibel level of the pump station (mea­ sured at 1.6 meters from the floor and 1 meter from the surface) is 94d8. Decibel levels are impacted by surrounding materials and conditions and will vary.

Air Water


11 CFM @ 100 PSI minimum (with optional Triple Foam) 25 GPM @ 35 PSI minimum at pump station

All voltages 3 phase, 4 wire (neutral and ground)

Voltage 208



UCC Cabinet 23 Amps

20 Amps N/A

High Velocity Pump Station

73 Amps

62 Amps

31 Amps

Optional Cold Climate Package

14 Amps

12 Amps N/A


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