Join The Razor Revolution


Radical…Revolutionary …Razor! A result of Washworld ‘s commitment to making you more profitable , Razor is a vehicle wash system that delivers! Focusing on simplicity of use and care, reduced maintenance , improved system longevity and durability of materials , Razor combines all of the great features you’ve come to expect from Washworld in a truly unique package. If you want a bigger return on investment then it’s time to join the Razor Revolution.

No More Festoon Cables With Energy Chain

Razor’s revolutionary cable carrier E-Chain® …

  • Protects moving cables and hoses from abrasion and entanglement
  • Provides controlled bend radius of cables and hoses – no pinching or kinking
  • Clean and organized appearance

E-Chain’s non-metallic construction means…

  • Quiet performance
  • Longer cable life
  • Extended supply line life
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • More open and inviting bay for enhanced customer experience

New Drive Motion Technologies


Razor’s belt drive utilizes multiple variable frequency drive technology …

  • Reduced maintenance – less frequent greasings necessary
  • Elimination of tires and inner tubes
  • Smooth wash motion transitions
  • Simple design reduces downtime
  • Eliminates overhead cross brace and swivel
  • Reduced weight

The Razor Advantage

Razor brings a quicker return on investment…

  • Energy efficient motors save operating costs
  • Sealed gearboxes eliminate oil changes
  • High quality, premium fiberglass enclosures withstand harsh wash bay conditions for longer life
  • Reduced rolling resistance/ improved efficiency
  • Radial motion provides a smooth and precise application of all solutions and water
  • No wasted product + reduced water consumption + lower operating costs


VS2®  Vehicle Sizing System

Razor’s standard VS2 system is Washworld’s safe, simple and reliable positioning system for the Razor wash . This results in a significant reduction in wiring, fewer components to maintain and a wash bay that looks less cluttered and more inviting. Razor’s VS2 provides exceptional cleaning by consistently measuring front, rear and both sides of vehicles while offering your customers a friendly , open wash bay without guide rails, floor treadles or T-bars . To increase customer comfort, as well as through put, Razor utilizes bay guide reflector system to outline vehicle travel , day or night.

All of Washworld’s Best Features In One System

Washview®  & Washview Remote™

Washworld’s exclusive software allows you to access Razor from anywhere using your PC or laptop. Turn functions on or off, view wash counts, create or change wash events in real time , and so much more. The revolutionary design of our optional Washview Mobile features the same cutting edge technologies as Washview Remote with the additional ability to receive e-mail or text message alerts from anywhere in the world using your PDA or smart phone. 

Virtual  Attendant®

Washworld ‘s patented Virtual Attendant technology enables the Razor to maneuver around obstacles such as wide mirrors, rear mounted bike racks and extended trailer hitches which often render other washes inoperable.  Virtual Attendant automatically

compensates for the obstacle thereby allowing the wash to be completed . This means no down time, no attendant and no more trips to the site to reset the wash! Best of all. ..it’s standard on every Razor wash!

Flex Pass™ System

Also standard on the Razor is Washworld ‘s Flex Pass system. This stainless steel, angled flood sty le pod delivery system applies up to eight different applications to the entire vehicle (top, sides,front and rear) , each product can be applied to the vehicle in a single pass. Anything that can be put through the arch, can be put through the Flex Pass. The angled flood sty le pod provides a more accurate and complete product application and rinse. Appl ications can be programmed from front to rear or rear to front to minimize machine movement. This speeds up the wash process to increase

the through put of cars , which in turn translates into greater profits for you. Speeds are adjustable individually in both directions . Since the arch does not rotate around the car, it results in a substantial savings in time as well as reduced product cost.


Tri-Color Foam

There is simply no better Tri-Color Foam application available! Washworld’s

Tri-Color Foam features completely adjustable nozzles for coverage the way you want it, where you want it. Foaming heads can be positioned individually allowing unlimited flexibility.

Tri-Color Foam – Freeze Protection

Finally, a cost effective means of protecting your Tri-Color foam system utilizing heat and weep capabilities to prevent freezing without the typical extreme water usage of other systems.


•    Virtual Attendant® – Like Having an Attendant at your Wash 24/7

•    Washview® Controller with Exclusive Washview Remote”‘ Software Includes Alert Paging

•   All Stainless Steel Wall Mounts, Rails, Carriage & Trolley Assemblies

•     Belt Drive Technology Eliminates Need for Tires

•    Smooth Radial Arch Motion Utilizing Multiple Variable Frequency Drives

•    Pumping Station with either CAT or General Pump

•     Eco-Friendly Resource Conservation System

•   Adjustable Pressure Under Body and Rocker Blasters

•     Direct Feed Solutions System with 3 Step


•    Triple Pass Technology for Optimal Front and Rear Cleaning

•    Washes Smart Cars Up to Quad-Cab Dualies­ No Special Programming Required

•    Comprehensive Integrated Security System ­ Can Monitor Auto Cashiers , Doors, Fluid Levels, etc.

•    Wash Activation Buy-Up Compatible

•     Flex-Pass System – Increases Through-put

•    VS2® (Vehicle Sizing System) – Clean, Treadle-free Design


•     Premium or Ultimate Door Control  Systems

•     Free Standing Frame

•    Cold Climate Package

•    Tri-Color Foam System

•    Programmable Intake Source- Reclaim/ RO Reject/Hot Water

•     Unique or Custom Graphics

•  Washview Remote High Speed and Washview Mobile

•   Tri-Foam Cold Climate Heat/Weep System 

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Equipment Envelope Requirements does not include obstructions, etc.

Height    Wall Mount (13’4″ to 16’8″ bays):   10′ 8″  minimum (floor to open cover height) Wall Mount (16’9″ to 18’0″ bays): 11′ 4″ minimum (floor to top of wall bracket) Floor Mount:                            11′ 9″ minimum (floor to top of truss)

Width            Wall Mount:                             13′ 4″ minimum to 18’0″ maximum Floor Mount:            14′ 4″ minimum (no maximum)

Length          Wall Mount:                             27′ 1O” minimum with standard 27′ 4″ rails

Floor Mount:                            27′ 1O” minimum with standard 27′ 4″ rails Note: The on-Board Dryer requires a length of 31′ 4″ minimum with optional 30 ‘4″ rails


 Air Water


11 CFM @ 100 PSI minimum (with optional Tri Foam) 25 GPM @ 35 PSI minimum at pump station

All voltages 3 phase, 4 wire (neutral and ground)

Razor             Dryer Motor Starter Panel                   Optional Cold



UCC Cabinet

23 Amps

Pump Station

73 Amps

30 HP –  40 HP –  45  HP

87 Amps; 114 Amps; 135 Amps

Climate Package

14 Amps

230 20 Amps 62 Amps 75 Amps; 100 Amps ; 111Amps 12 Amps
460 N/A 31 Amps 37 Amps; 50 Amps; 68 Amps N/A

Note: Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice The decibel level of the dryer (measured at 1.6 meters from the floor and 1 meter from the surface) is 94dB. The decibel level of the pump station (measured at 1.6 meters from the floor and 1 meter from the surface) is 94dB. Decibel levels are impacted by surrounding


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